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Personal Trainer in Geneva

I offer complete and fully customized training to help you achieve your personal goals. I accompany you in your challenges considering your rhythm, condition and physical ability. Check out my personal coaching services.

"Get started now, this is the first step towards achieving your goals!"

A graduate of the University of Sport in Cologne, accredited FISAF personal trainer, swimming teacher and triathlete, I put my experience and energy into your well-being. Whatever your goal might be, together we will find the best way to get there.

Gabriella HALOM

Personal trainer


Have a goal you want to achieve but can’t seem to get it done? Unchallenged by your current workout program and typically quit out of boredom?  

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Personal trainer

I dedicate all my energy and experience so that everyone can achieve their goals. With personalized attention and tailored programs, together we will succeed!

Personal trainer in Geneva